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Empowered’s learning model, Principles + Markets = Mindset (PMM), can be added to any lesson plan or classroom activity regardless of lesson, subject, curriculum, pedagogy, or methodology in any setting, grade, or class type. How can we say that? We’re teacher-validated.
We’ve worked alongside educators to create and improve our library of 120+ PMM-infused activities that can be customized and used in any classroom and we’ve worked to add PMM to teacher-provided activities, too. Each of our activities, available at no financial cost to you, includes:
  • Activity Overviews
  • Recommended Materials
  • Approximate Timing
  • Suggested Steps
  • Potential Debrief Questions/Discussion Topics
We offer activities, all of which can be used based on concept (vs. subject matter) in any classroom, in the following three categories:

Empowered Activity Categories


Bell Ringers

5-15 min. activities that start or further a discussion, introduce a topic, or change the mood of a room.


Skills Development

15-120 min. session-fillers that challenge notions, explore real-world ideas, and create lasting knowledge.



Mutli-session, cumulative explorations of high-level concepts that develop and leverage critical thinking.


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  • Bell Ringers
  • Capstones
  • Skills Development

Creativity Minute

Students use their imaginations to see more than just shapes - recognizing them as items that create opportunities, solve problems, and more.

Innovation Activity

Students are challenged to creatively collaborate so an existing, seemingly unrelated, product can be a solution to a stated problem.

Popcorn CODEC

Students, through a "popcorn-style" discussion, are asked to connect an event, a market concept, and a Foundational Principle.

Prospective Business

Students, using design thinking and other lessons and activities, will identify a market "need" and then ideate and develop practical solutions.

Roll the Dice

Students will role the dice to determine a pre-set activity they will perform to represent a principle, with classmates guessing their intent.

Speak Out Cards

Students are given cards with random prompts, of varying degrees of "difficulty", written on them that they will use to practice public speaking.


Students will learn the importance of principled interactions and strategic thinking in an attempt to build the best building for their client.

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