Classroom Tools

To add our learning model, PMM, to any lesson, the classroom itself must be “different”. In the PMM-ready classroom, hands-on activities are the norm and every student engages with topics and subject matter in their own, unique way.
We know educators need resources to bring this type of classroom to life. That’s why we offer, at no charge, a variety of tools to help teachers transform their classroom to be more experiential and impactful.
Any Empowered Teacher with an Empowered Hub account can look to us for:

Downloadable Assets

Empowered Field Guide

An overview of PMM with practical advice for adding it, and supporting concepts, to your classroom.

Classroom Materials

Self-print versions of our Foundational Principles (FP) posters and FP Bookmarks to use today.

Classroom Culture Guidance

A collaborative culture is the cornerstone of Empowered learning. This guide can set you up for success.

Currency and Bonds

Download printables that can be customized and used to motivate and reward classroom contributions.

Request Additional Resources

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Start-up Kits

Registered teachers can request a boxful of resources and goodies to help get started with PMM in the classroom.

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Micro Grants

Registered Empowered Educators can request up to $500/year to increase experiential learning for their students.

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1:1 Support Session

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll have the right person get in touch to help you find it, and more.

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