Last Updated March 2021

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Thank you for joining Empowered. We are a community of teachers, embracing a growth mindset, committed to their craft, their students, and their communities. Empowered teachers transform classrooms into real-world experiences through an innovative instructional strategy. Not a teacher? We’re glad you’re here, too. The following terms generally apply to those who engage with us as teachers as we continue to bring our instructional strategy and resources to teachers across the country.

As an Empowered teacher, you will perform services as an independent contractor of Empowered. Nothing in this relationship shall be deemed or construed by either party or by any third party to create the relationship of principal and agent, a fiduciary, or of partnership, joint venture or any other type of association between Empowered and you. You shall have no authority to enter into any contracts or commitments on Empowered’s behalf. Empowered shall have no right of control over the manner in which services are performed, other than the right to establish reasonable policies and protocols applicable to such services.

At its sole discretion, Empowered may choose to incentivize you based on value creation and to give any incentive in any form. It is your responsibility to determine whether you are eligible to accept the incentive. You will be responsible for and pay all taxes imposed upon you as an independent contractor.

At its sole discretion, Empowered may offer funding to you to purchase supplies and manage expenses associated with the Empowered program. This funding is intended to be used solely for Empowered program related purchases. The misuse of funds for personal gain or other non-Empowered program expenses could result in the loss of future funding and other Empowered support.