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Spark your students' interests in disrupting the marketplace using Disruptus!
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Join the fast-growing community of teachers setting out to reimagine education as relevant and real-world ready. Join for instant access to 100’s of free resources.

A Belief in You

Deep belief in teachers, a community of support.

We believe in the power of teachers to guide students in discovering their unique talents, passions, and purpose. Our free training and vast library of resources, will help you cultivate a classroom with meaningful real-world experiences. You and your students will develop grit and a growth mindset to tackle any problem life might throw your way.

How it Works

An integrated suite of tools for teachers.

We know your time is valuable, which is why we’ve developed a suite of tools that give teachers the power to learn on their own schedule, build kick-butt lessons rapidly, get inspired with great content, and bounce ideas off of their colleagues and friends with ease.

Digital Tools for Teachers

A Cutting-Edge
Teacher Platform


A Trickle-Down Mindset Shift

We believe that, by developing your own Growth Mindset, you’ll better engage your students and help them view challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles.


I'm not. I can.

“I’m trying my hardest, but there’s not much hope for me; I’m just not naturally smart with these things.”
Fixed - INternal

I'm not. I can't.

“This class is completely unfair. I’m not a science-whiz who can just pick up ideas like it's nothing."
Fixed - External

I am. I can.

“I’m not quite there yet, but with more work and some help from the teacher, I can get better!”
Growth - INternal

I am. I can’t.

“I’ve been working my butt off, but it feels like the teacher is out to get me on these assignments.”
Growth - External
4 Reasons Why

Yeah, but what will my students gain?

That’s why we built Empowered to be something that is transformational for both teacher and student alike. Here are just a few reasons to start.

A Way to Find Your Passion Again

By incorporating student choice in everything, even in seating arrangements, Bouldin masterfully creates a learning environment that meets the individual needs of his learners.

Free Activities That Don't Feel Free

Our hundreds of free resources and activities will bring energy to your classroom. These ideas have been tested with countless students to perfect them.

An Injection of Real Projects and Skills

Subjective value comes to life in this activity that will leave your students raving.

What Empowered Teachers Say

Teacher tested, teacher approved.

For over 30 years, we have been supporting great classroom teachers as they create life-changing experiences for themselves and their students.
Kim H.
Petal, Mississippi

I have never been part of a national collective of teachers or anything like what Empowered offers. I’ve lost sleep thinking of the possibilities.

Ray S.
Anaheim, California

I feel supported. I feel like a part of this community that is continually pushing me and giving me opportunities to grow as an educator and for my students' success as well.

Angela N.
Salem, Utah

Empowered saved my career as a teacher. I was ready to quit...it has been a complete game changer.

Tina G
Tiffon, Ohio

To walk into this knowing that everybody here wants to change education and is excited to change education . . . that gives me so much more hope and joy going forward.