Our mission is for every student to get the best

For too long, K-12 education has been “one-size-fits-all” in a “sit and get” format. Preparing students for tests outweighs preparing students for life. It stifles innovation and outcomes for teachers, students, and society. Our community, with 30,000+ teachers, knows there IS a better way.


Changing Classrooms to Change Outcomes

Empowered isn’t about “what” to teach. Our tools apply to any activity, strategy, curriculum, or methodology, subject, grade, or setting. It’s about “how” to inspire.

Empowered offers any teacher, at no financial cost, the trust and resources they need to transform their classrooms into spaces that draw-from and apply-to the real world.

Empowered’s way of teaching improves outcomes by giving every learner ownership of their education and choices. Their students better- connect, in their own way, to learning. They leave school prepared for life and emboldened with a growth mindset.

As the Empowered Community grows, so will its impact. More students, and teachers, will seize more opportunities, and create greater success for themselves, and society.


Empowered's National Presence


Let Us Be Your Partner in the Classroom

Change-making teachers, like you, have the power to transform learning and improve student outcomes.

You have the opportunity to better prepare young people for life by guiding them through an experiential, principle-based, real-world relevant education. Let us be your partner. Empowered provides a learning strategy that is centered around the student. Our tools can enhance any activity, curriculum, or methodology.

Our resources can be leveraged in any learning space. Our support is available to any educator.


Our Staff Dedicated to Your Success

We don’t claim to be “here for you” figuratively, we mean it literally. We encourage you to get to know our staff and to let them know how they can support your efforts to ensure every student leaves your classroom ready for life.