How the Negotiating Game Creates Win-Win Moments

Braydon Eden teaches English at an alternative high school near Salt Lake City. He uses Empowered's resources to foster collaboration and win-win moments in his classroom.

Empowered’s principle-based instructional strategy can be used in conjunction with the strategies and resources you’re already using in the classroom. Our activities, like Negotiating Game, are designed to introduce students to foundational principles, real-world/market concepts, and the benefits of a growth mindset when preparing for life beyond school. 

We recently asked Empowered Teacher Braydon Eden to talk about how he uses this activity to get his students up, talking and collaborating with each other, and truly getting to know each other – the benefits are nearly endless.


You can try Negotiating Game in your classroom today. To access the Activity Guide and additional resources including input and suggestions from teachers who use this activity, log into Empowered Hub.


If seeing how Negotiating Game can help create win-win moments and drive a collaborative culture in the classroom leaves you wanting more, we encourage you to:

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