A Formula For Success

Empowered’s Instructional Strategy — called Principles + Markets = Mindset (PMM) helps Empowered Teachers leverage Foundational Principles and Real-World Markets to guide students through learning experiences that cultivate a Growth Mindset in their students — and themselves.

This learning model compliments (vs. competes) with other methodologies and pedagogies and can be integrated with any lesson, activity, or cirriculum. As importantly, any teacher – regardless of school type or setting, classroom size or subject matter – can leverage this learning strategy.

Teachers benefit from PMM by taking greater ownership of their classrooms and how they guide students on their educational journeys.

Students benefit from PMM by being engaged in learning that borrows from and applies to their lives and community and by being challenged to take greater ownership of their educational decisions and outcomes.


Principles + Markets = Mindset (PMM)

PMM is a student-focused learning model that is driven by a community of engaged educators who collaborate and challenge each other to leverage an ever-growing collection of resources that help students realize their individual strengths, discover their true purpose, and confidently own the path to their success.
  • Principles
  • Markets
  • Mindset

Foundational Principles

Consistent ideas that serve as a basis for choices and behaviors that are applicable not only in the classroom but, more importantly, in all aspects of life.

Real-World Markets

Open and free environments where goods, services, time, ideas, and knowledge are exchanged. Engagement is incentivized and meaningful contribution is rewarded.

Growth Mindset

A classic truth finally getting its due in education - the goal is to improve the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions one holds about their ability to succeed in any situation.

PMM Challenges Teachers and Students to Think Bigger

PMM, as a learning strategy, isn’t what or how to teach but it is, instead, a way of teaching that guides students on their educational journey.

When Empowered Teachers use PMM in any class or setting, the create a decisionmaking framework where every student can use critical thinking to explore, discover their passions, develop their talents, and prepare to maximize their success in life.

PMM creates greater impact because it acknowledges that every learner is unique, with their own experiences, abilities, and goals. Doing so allows for a more individualized educational journey where everyone understands their opportunity, and obligation, to create success for themselves and their community.