What Motivates You?

We recently asked our staff what motivates them and how their work here at Empowered fits into their goals. The answers surprised and inspired us.

by Kimberly Yates, M.Ed.

At Empowered, we believe in people and their power to work together to change the world.

In fact, Sean Amore, our Director of Brand Strategy and Communications, insists that we don’t just have the ability to make big changes but the responsibility. He says, “We should ALL (regardless of employer) want to help address/solve societal issues and make this world a better place . . . even if for selfish reasons. The best urges are the ones that are not about us but that are about all of us.” 

Jaci Herbst, our Executive Administrative Assistant, finds this idea incredibly motivating. She shared that “Believing in people ignites a sense of purpose within me. The unwavering support from everyone at Empowered fills me with gratitude and has increased my self-confidence. It is my goal to reciprocate this support and encouragement to all those I collaborate with.” 

Sean and Jaci are just two of the many people you may not see at trainings or events because their work tends to be a little more behind the scenes. But their contributions keep us on task and help drive our mission to transform education. We couldn’t do any of this without them. 

Like Tassaday Strickland, our Project Coordinator. If you’ve attended one of our trainings, met us at a product demo or connected with us at a conference, you can thank Tassaday for getting us there. She’s passionate about exploring ways for the whole Empowered Team to keep improving and becoming the best we can be for you, our educators.  According to Tassaday, teacher transformation is what makes her job worthwhile. She told us, “I absolutely love to see the transformations that take place whether that is at a conference session, workshop, or the classroom. It’s a beautiful moment when that lightbulb moment illuminates their faces, and their curiosity turns to hunger for more.” 

Our office manager, Brittany Stucky, is also excited by the chance to help our educators. As the Office Manager, she takes care of the nuts and bolts of supporting teachers, from sending out start-up kits to fulfilling Market Day requests to tracking Micro Grants. For her, the reward is seeing the growing number of educators within our Empowered Community and knowing that they’re changing the world. 

Similarly, as the Business Intelligence Lead, Sage Williams keeps us up to date on technology and data processes in an ever-changing digital landscape. He’s the one we turn to when we’re making programming decisions or evaluating new opportunities. He looks at all the different data we have at our fingertips and helps us decide how we can move forward in ways that will resonate with our community.   

But no one knows our educator community like Project Manager, Priscilla McInnes.  She’s been part of Empowered for almost 20 years. Since then, she has worn any number of different hats but has always believed that, “The bonds I have created allow me to be productive in my role as well as offer historical insight about our organization to help drive us into the future.” 

We want to take time this month to give a shout out to these behind-the-scenes heroes and to the whole Empowered Team who constantly amaze us with their passion and belief in transformative change. 


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