Tassaday Strickland headshot

Tassaday Strickland

Project Coordinator

Tassaday is a self-proclaimed “do-er”. She coordinates product demos and RiseUp Workshops, ensuring team success in the field. For Tassaday, transforming education means creating a learning environment that caters to each individual, not test scores. She believes in bringing humanity back to the classroom, fostering the growth of students into well-rounded individuals with practical skills. She recognizes the incredible work of educators and aims to break the mold to unlock student potential while supporting passionate educators.

Tassaday’s work with Empowered has allowed her to explore new growth as both an educator and individual. Inspired by her favorite foundational principle, Passion, she believes that discussing one’s interests with genuine excitement becomes infectious, compelling others to learn more. Tassaday lives in Kansas with her loving husband and three adventurous boys. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, Freja, and sassy beardie, Ophelia.

Areas of Expertise

  • Pioneer for change
  • Optimistic
  • Forward thinking
  • Reliable for witty commentary
  • Adventurous
  • Determined


  • Favorite food – Tacos
  • Favorite music genre – Rock
  • Reading and visiting bookstores
  • Camping and hiking with family
  • Repurposing/refurnishing old furniture
  • Listening to podcasts