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Any teacher, in any learning environment, any classroom, any subject, etc. can leverage Empowered’s learning strategy – Principles + Markets = Mindset (PMM) – to improve student engagement and real-world relevance to classroom learning.

You can start your Empowered Journey in just a few minutes and there is no “”right”” or “”wrong”” way to do it. That said – we suggest, based on feedback from Empowered Educators sharing worked best for them, to start with the following three steps, using one of our resources (maybe using an activity or attending a virtual session, etc.) to get going, growing and expanding as you feel more comfortable.


Access All Empowered Offers Through The Hub

Create a Hub Account

Your free account gives you fast, easy, 24/7 access – from any connected device – to all we offer; activities, classroom resources, training, community, and support.

Attend a Virtual Get-Together

Join one of our online sessions – held 2x/month – designed to help you get started and go deeper with our resources and the Empowered Community.

Dig Deeper with PD

As you feel more Empowered and want to go farther, watch our live and archived PD in the Hub and make a plan to attend or even host your own RiseUp event
Want Something More Personalized?

View These Other Ways to Explore Empowered

Schedule a 1:1 Chat

Submit a request for a personal session with our Support Team. We’ll find the staffer best-suited for your request and they’ll follow-up to make time to chat.

Explore Our Instructional Strategy

We call our way of teaching/learning “PMM”. It is a combination of (Foundational) Principles and Markets (Real-World, Economic Concepts) to fuel a Growth Mindset in teachers and students.

Try an Activity

Empowered has a library of 115+ highly-customizable lessons in three categories that can be used to boost student engagement in any classroom.