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Any teacher, in any learning environment, any classroom, any subject, etc. can leverage Empowered’s learning strategy – Principles + Markets = Mindset (PMM) – to improve student engagement and real-world relevance to classroom learning.

You can start your Empowered Journey in just a few minutes and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. 

That said – we suggest, based on feedback from Empowered Educators sharing worked best for them, to start with the following five steps, using one of our resources (maybe using an activity or attending a virtual session, etc.) to get going, growing and expanding as you feel more comfortable.


Access All Empowered Offers Through The Hub

1 - Sign Up for Our Educator Emails

We offer a variety of emails that reflect the inquiries and preferences from Empowered Educators and that allow you to choose the newsletters most useful to you.

2 - Join Us On Social Media

Empowered is building community on all your favorite platforms. We post ideas and showcase inspiring stories of teachers changing student outcomes.

3 - Create a Hub Account

Your free account gives you fast, easy, 24/7 access – from any connected device – to all we offer; activities, classroom resources, training, community, and support.

4 - Attend a Virtual Get-Together

Join one of our online sessions – held 2x/month – designed to help you get started and go deeper with our resources and the Empowered Community.

5 - Elevate Your Use with RiseUp PD

As you feel more Empowered and want to go farther, watch our live and archived PD in the Hub and make a plan to attend or even host your own RiseUp event.

Want Something More Personalized?

View These Other Ways to Explore Empowered

Schedule a 1:1 Chat

Submit a request for a personal session with our Support Team. We’ll find the staffer best-suited for your request and they’ll follow-up to make time to chat.

Explore Our Instructional Strategy

We call our way of teaching/learning “PMM”. It is a combination of (Foundational) Principles and Markets (Real-World, Economic Concepts) to fuel a Growth Mindset in teachers and students.

Try an Activity

Empowered has a library of 115+ highly-customizable lessons in three categories that can be used to boost student engagement in any classroom.