RiseUp Workshops

Professional Development (PD), like all learning, should include exploration, discovery, and innovation. Our RiseUp Workshops – held with our staff and resources but at your location and on your schedule – are hands-on sessions to help teachers maximize their impact in the classroom.

RiseUp Workshops will show how any educator (regardless of subject or setting) can advance what they are already doing by adding our instructional strategy and our support tools to offer more engaging, personalized, real-world relevant learning experiences to their classroom. 

Re-imagining Professional Development

RiseUp Workshops introduce educators to a transformational learning model – giving teachers the tools they need to offer more student-centric learning where they, together, can discover and cultivate each student’s personalized path. Developed by Empowered, a first-of-its-kind community of teachers transforming education through individualized education experiences.

  • Physically and mentally, RiseUp Workshops meet you where you are. Empowered’s experienced training team travels nationwide to help educators from all backgrounds to bring RiseUp Workshops to their learning space.
  • We collaborate with participants to design a personalized training session that is suitable for your group size and background.

Can you inspire students with a sheet of paper?

You can if you swap worksheets for a more “do first, talk later” kind of hands-on learning – making every lesson engaging and experience-based.

Our Paper Airplane Factory activity can help you do that. And our RiseUp PD options can help you turn any lesson – regardless of class, grade, subject, or setting, into an equally powerful activity for your students.

It all starts with a simple formula

Our learning model helps ensure classroom experiences draw-from and apply-to the real world. Students benefit by having greater opportunities to engage in the learning in ways that are meaningful to them, their talents, and their goals and teachers benefit by guiding learners through learning experiences with shared responsibliites and ownership.
A presentation at a Rise Up Event

Design your customized RiseUp Workshop

Educators leave RiseUp Workshops with the skills and resources they need to achieve transformative results in the lives of their students. Each RiseUp Workshop is fully customizable, and all include:

  • OUR VISION Explore how Empowered is partnering to transform K-12 learning and student outcomes.
  • OUR STRATEGY Get a taste for how our resources foster individualized learning experiences.
  • OUR ACTIVITIES We’ll find – from our library of 125+ activities – the best way for you and your colleagues to experience how Empowered learning is different.

Design a training session that fits your needs – including half-day (3 hour) and full-day (6 hour) sessions.