Priscilla McInnes headshot

Priscilla McInnes

Senior Project Manager

Priscilla is a true educational visionary currently based in Kansas City. Her work can be summed up in one powerful mission: turning project dreams into reality. As Empowered leads the charge in revolutionizing education, Priscilla lends her skills, one project at a time. For her, transforming education means challenging the status quo and daring to say, “there’s a better way,” demanding more for our children and our future.

Empowered has opened the doors to countless opportunities for Priscilla to learn about herself and grow in self-actualization. Gravitating toward the foundational principle of Freedom, she recognizes its role in all aspects of life. Her dedication to self-discovery and adaptability has shaped her current path. Beyond work, Priscilla cherishes time spent with her husband Matt and daughter Finley. She’s inspired by her mother’s resilience, father’s values and principles, and her husband’s selflessness and loyalty.

Areas of Expertise

  • Connector of people and ideas
  • Project management
  • Sifter of details
  • Master speller
  • “Wheel of Fortune” Wheel Watcher
  • Taylor Swift lyrics and dance expert


  • Favorite TV show: “The Young and the Restless”
  • Taking walks with family
  • Last-minute vacations
  • Spontaneous family dance parties
  • Philanthropy work (St. Luke’s Hospital, Chordoma Foundation)
  • Patio dining with friends