Foundational Principle Face-Off

Activity Time:

60 Minutes
Can your students, collectively, determine what is most important? This activity will challenge them to do just that. They will be given time to, through a series of head-to-head “match-ups”, see which Foundational Principle is most valuable in their decisions and actions. They’ll practice collaborating, negotiating, compromising, and challenging on the way to the top.

Key Topics

  • Cooperation
  • Fulfillment
  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Toleration

Relevant Principles

  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Opportunity
  • Passion
  • Responsibility
  • Sound Judgment
  • Win-Win Focus

Real-World Concepts

  • Personal Choice
  • Subjective Value

Materials Needed

  • Foundational Principle Definitions (Posters or Bookmarks)
  • Empowered CODEC
  • 8-Seeded Bracket Template (Available in Empowered Hub)
  • Large-Format Brackets (Overhead or White/Chalk-Board, etc.)
  • Markers
  • (Empowered Currency or Bonds)
Student will be given the Foundational Principles, definitions, and a bracket. You decide if they will – individually, in groups, or as a class – evaluate these classic values against each other. Students will get more familiar with principles while engaging in critical thinking while navigating challenge and subjective value to find a winner.