Creativity Minute

Activity Time:

15-30 minutes
Can your students look at simple shapes but see more? This activity can help them with that and sharpen their creativity, visual thinking, and entrepreneurialism. You’ll show them a series of simple shapes with different prompts and they’ll tell you all the creative things that come to mind.

Key Topics

  • Creativity

Relevant Principles

  • Freedom
  • Opportunity
  • Responsibility

Real-World Concepts

  • Creative Destruction
  • Innovation

Materials Needed

  • Writing Utensils
  • Paper
  • Creativity Minute PowerPoint (in Empowered Hub)
  • Creativity Minute Handout
  • (Empowered Currency or Bonds)
You’ll start by showing them the first shape . . . Then tell them how much time they (individually or in small groups) have to write down as many items or things they “see” in the shape. They’ll leverage and develop Creative Fluency, Creative Flexibility, Creative Originality, and Creative Pace to rise to the challenge.