Roll the Dice

Activity Time:

15 Minutes
Will your students be able to, after rolling dice, talk about the concepts and subject matter they’re learning in class off the cuff? This activity gives them the opportunity to try. You’ll get to offer questions and challenges. They’ll get practice with public speaking, persuasion, and creativity.

Key Topics

  • Collaboration
  • Reflection
  • Review

Relevant Principles

  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Opportunity
  • Passion
  • Responsibility
  • Sound Judgment
  • Win-Win Focus

Real-World Concepts

  • Innovation

Materials Needed

  • Dice (For Each Group) or Virtual Dice Roller
  • Foundational Principles (Posters or Bookmarks)
  • (Empowered Currency or Bonds)
Your students will have a chance to evaluate concepts and discussion topics, matching them with Foundational Principles and real-world forces, to showcase how their learning is relevant to the real-world. They’ll be challenged to develop and share a perspective and to better-understand how their peers would do the same.