How Is Our Training Different?

Mik Love, head of our training team, talks about how Empowered's Professional Development for teachers is different - and we think better.

We’re not your average “sit-and-get” professional development. We focus on bringing every participant a personalized experience that gets them out of their seats and lets them truly experience the power of an Empowered classroom. You can bring Empowered to your school for your next PD (continuing education, training, etc.) day in the form of a RiseUp Workshop

Our Training Director, Mik Love, sat down to answer some questions you may have about bringing Empowered’s Professional Development to your school.  

What is a RiseUp Workshop?   

Mik Love: Fun, interactive professional development. We customize our trainings to help educators to create more real and relevant learning opportunities in their classrooms. With our innovative approach, educators leave with a firm understanding of how to bring Principles+ Markets= Mindset (PMM) in their classrooms.  

Who can attend a RiseUp Workshop?  

Mik Love: ANYONE! Educators, support staff, and admin – all are welcome. Because we focus on personalizing each training, public, private, charter, home school, micro school networks even nonprofit organizations that leverage facilitators to guide learning will find it beneficial. 

How is the training personalized? 

Mik Love: We view PD as a true partnership so we don’t have a one-size-fits all training model. We choose to be very intentional about our time, understanding your needs, and delivering PD that creates value. We start with feedback from discovery conversations then customize our training to meet each group’s needs. That way we can be efficient and use the allotted time to provide support on site and resources that offer tangible, but more importantly useful, resources to integrate immediately. 

What makes our training team stand out? How do they get strong teacher response in workshops?  

Mik Love: Our team is comprised of people with over 100 years of educational experience. With former teachers across content areas and school admin experience, our team is able to leave no stone unturned when it comes to thinking about solutions for teachers and admin. We lead with empathy and humility that shows we care about helping each person be the best versions of themselves. The best gift that we possess is the knowing we don’t know it all. Our secret ingredient is that we are willing to seek out the knowledge and share it more abundantly.  

RiseUp workshops focus on our learning strategy (PMM) as a way of teaching. What classroom challenges does PMM address?   

Mik Love: Classroom culture, classroom management, behavior management, creating learner led environment, emotional regulation, amplifying healthy student choice and voice, leading through ownership, decision making 101, knowledge retention, problem solving, critical thinking, real and relevant learning application and more!  

Can you share some successes? Do RiseUp Workshops helped our teachers be happier? Have we heard about what teachers do with PMM after a Workshop?  

Mik Love: Immensely impactful! Look no further than Rod Hames. With over 30 plus years as educator Rod could start to see the writing on the wall and wanted to retire. After attending a RiseUp Workshop, he found he had much more in the tank. He had more value to create, more lives that could be transformed. It reignited his passion for the profession but more importantly he brought useful resources that made his classroom and oasis for learning.

Another example is Kenneth (Jr.) and Traciellya Nelson of E.P.I.C. Academy (Sallis, Mississippi). They had decided to leave the traditional school system to start something new, attended one our RiseUp Workshops and have implemented PMM school-wide.

We like to think there are countless others, and that is what fills our cup as an organization. Seeing educators tap into their unique talents and gifts is extremely rewarding but seeing them do it while creating a space for students to do it as well is priceless.  

We always say our PD isn’t a ‘One-and-Done’ approach. What do we offer teachers after an initial workshop? What are our future plans to keep teachers connected and engaged?  

Mik Love: Once you have attended a workshop, you are family! We are here to support you along your journey. We have an awesome support team waiting to partner with you on how to bring PMM to life in your learning space. 

Thanks, Mik, for the time.

Ready to join the Empowered Family and bring transformational PD to your school? Check out the training/RiseUp page on our website. Our calendar is filling up quickly, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for 2024.  Fill out our RiseUp Workshop inquiry form today.

Want more? You can read Mik Love’s bio or use our Contact Us form to connect.

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