The Need for Learner-Led Learning

Empowered activities and resources help teachers create more learner-led learning experiences in the classroom. It makes activities more engaging and creates greater benefits.

by Lindsay Downing Schroeder

Do you have choices throughout your day that help you be productive or accomplish your goals?

Personally, I appreciate being able to manage the timing of meetings, attend meetings in person or virtually, taking a walk, eating when I’m hungry, listening to music, coloring for a brain break, etc. I know I would not be successful without all those options and flexibility. Applying that flexibility and choice when raising my 2 boys has been challenging for me – not them. It’s easier when I can simply tell them what to do. However, removing that freedom from them has consequences. Those consequences often come across as “misbehaving” vs frustration of being told what to do without choices. Nine times out of ten when I give them options, they gladly pick or suggest a different alternative, and we successfully accomplish our goals.  

Why should teaching our children at home be any different than teaching them at school? Why don’t we give learners more choices in their learning journey? At Empowered, we believe in partnering with educators, families, and learners to meet them where they are and help them take this journey together. Learners engage in play, activities, and projects that interest them while educators gain valuable time to observe engagement, provide guidance, and partner with students to develop a dynamic, experiential classroom culture. This allows learners to be curious and have exposure to things that appeal to them, while learning foundational skills and knowledge. It also taps into educators’ true passion: helping kids become successful. 

Imagine being a teenager or in your early 20’s and absolutely loving what you do instead of, maybe, figuring it out in your 40’s or 50’s – or never. We owe it to our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to provide them a space to be curious and learn at their own pace based on their interests and needs.

Let’s stop asking learners what they want to be when they grow up and ask what they are excited about right now. Then let’s take that knowledge to create a space and opportunities for learner ownership, curiosity, and long-term fulfillment. 


If you’re interested in activities that can transform your classroom into a learner-led environment, we suggest the following, all available inside Empowered Hub

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