March 28, 2022
5 Reads for the Spring

Our list spans the genres — from a fluffy romance, to a spine-tingling thriller, to a few that focus on your personal growth. With spring break upon us, a great read can serve as a gentle reminder to reflect on

March 28, 2022
Leading Uncommon Greatness: His Mother’s Story

Want to transform your class from mediocrity to Super Bowl champion? Well, you don’t even need a Peyton Manning, if you have the man behind the Manning. Coach Tony Dungy has been one of the most inspiring characters in football,

March 28, 2022
9 Research Findings and How to Apply Them in Your Career

While the studies continue to assess the findings about education in the midst of a state of uncertainty, some initial studies offer concerning assessments but also much cause for hope. Students had a unique opportunity to look at education from

March 10, 2022
Dear Lydia

Students struggle with the second semester just as badly as us teachers do. Between the excessive tardiness, lack of engagement, and “senioritis” (that, let’s be clear, affects all students, not just the seniors), I feel like it is pulling teeth

February 1, 2022
A social platform to flip over

The moment a teacher finally reaches a student, a student hesitant to speak, but who finally reveals that they are engaged, and even learning, is a feeling like none other. It’s why you do what you do. It’s like magic.

January 26, 2022
Dear Lydia

I feel like the joy of teaching is regularly sucked out of me, especially during the second semester. What can I do to help myself stay positive and focused? Sincerely,Very Tired Dear Tired,  I am not here to encourage toxic positivity

January 20, 2022
Getting the Most Out of Online Professional Development

The more conferences I attend virtually, the more I have realized that it isn’t just the host that has control over my experience. It turns out that there are a ton of factors within my control that directly impact how

January 3, 2022
Dear Lydia

Help … It’s starting to feel like March 2020 again. My school system just went back virtual learning temporarily. I could use some advice on how to deal with teaching virtually again!  Sincerely, Zoomed Out Dear Zoomed Out,  Here is

December 16, 2021
Get your Zoom on: 5 simple ways to get a Zoom class flowing.

It’s a good thing we practiced-up because it seems that e-learning is here to stay and growing in popularity. The one challenge that I hear most, though, when it comes to Zoom-based teaching, is getting the tone set at the

November 30, 2021
Dear Lydia

I’m just gonna say it: I’ve been pretending to know what SEL is, means, or looks like. For years, every time I heard the term, I broke out in a cold-sweat and felt like I’m a teacher imposter.No, but seriously.