Transforming education to improve outcomes

Transformative teachers change student outcomes by personalizing learning. They guide students as they explore and discover their potential. They prepare learners to seize and create success. They – and their students – are empowered.
We want to partner with those educators, including you, to maximize their career and impact.

An Integrated Suite of Resources

  • Activities
  • Classroom Tools
  • Training
  • Community
  • Support


While any activity can be enhanced by Empowered's learning strategy - Principles + Markets = Mindset (PMM) - we offer a library of activities including lesson guides, lists of suggested materials and resources, supplemental aids, and debrief questions that solidify the concepts covered and help students see their applicability in the real world. All our activities are available at no cost to Empowered Educators through our Empowered Hub. Learn more about - and get started with - our categories of activities, how to access and use our library, and how we can help you add PMM to your activity.

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Classroom Tools

Classroom management is essential for teacher and student success. Empowered doesn't just offer activities to bring our learning model, Principles + Markets = Mindset (PMM), to life. We also offer a host of immediately accessible tools that help you establish and share your classroom vision, build and maintain a collaborative classroom culture, and leverage PMM daily. We welcome any Empowered Educator to request a Start-Up Kit, download our PMM Field Guide, use posters and bookmarks that reinforce principles, and consider using currency or bonds to reward meaningful contributions and value created by students.

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A multiracial group of elementary students in class raising their hands to answer a question. The focus is on their teacher, an African-American and Hispanic woman in her 30s, who is standing in front, facing them, smiling and pointing to a student. Most of the students are 9 years old.


To fully leverage our instructional strategy (PMM), Empowered truly believes training (professional development, ongoing learning, continuing education, etc.) - like the traditional classroom - needs a reboot. Our PD, collectively called RiseUp, is a portfolio of large and small, in-person and virtual, live and on-demand sessions that seek to engage and challenge participants, as an Empowered Teacher does their students. Individual teachers can access our RiseUp programs for free with Workshops available, at a cost, for school- and district-wide use. Let us help Empower your career.

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Empowered is committed to teacher success. Our top priority is to nurture a community - currently 25,000+ in size - of educators who are collaborating, from the bottom up, to transform education using PMM. Our community represents every subject and grade level in myriad learning environments including traditional public and private schools, charter and magnet, micro and home, and more as well as community-based programs prepaing young people to create and seize opportunities in life.

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Taking full control over your classroom and career isn't easy but for teachers who want to maximize their student impact, Empowered offers several support options at no cost to teachers. If you want help getting started or going deeper with our learning strategy (Principles + Markets = Mindset (PMM)) or if you can't find exactly what you need on the Hub - let our team know. We can arrange a 1:1 support session, help you attend a small group session, connect you to a fellow educator, and so much more. Let us know how we can help you succeed. 

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Changing Classrooms to Change Education

Features Traditional Classrooms Empowered Classrooms
Strategy One-Size-Fits-All Learner-Centered
Goal Rote Memorization Growth Mindset, Critical Thinking Skills
Student Role Sit-and-Get Engage and Experiment
Teacher Role Sage on Stage (Expert) Guide
Focus Standards and Grades Principles, Real-World Knowledge

Teacher tested, teacher approved.


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Empowered is a first-of-its-kind teacher community focused on increasing personalized educational experiences. We inspire educators to reimagine education, maximize their careers, and achieve life-changing results in the lives of their students. To do that, we offer the tools and resources needed to transform classrooms and outcomes.

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