Supporting SPED Teachers

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With 30+ years of experience collaborating with teachers, Empowered offers a variety of resources, training/tools, and support that help Special Education teachers be more successful in the classroom and even happier in their work. You chose your career to help every student prepare for life ahead – our work helps you do just that. 
Our customizable resources and instructional strategy will provide you greater freedom in the classroom by working with and enhancing your existing strategies and resources, regardless of school setting, classes taught, student needs, or curriculum. CEC participants and any teacher can access, at no financial cost, Empowered’s:

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Resources Especially Useful for IEP Instruction

While all of our tools can be easily modified for any learning setting, these Empowered Activities allow every student the opportunity to showcase their unique skills and talents, build relationships with peers, and foster meaningful engagement while learning independent living and real-world skills.

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