Best Incentives for 2022

Just read our "Bribe Your Kids" article and want some inspiration? Here are some great items you can use in your classroom to kick off your first auction.

So, you’re going to try an incentive strategy in your class. You’re making a great decision. Incentives simultaneously motivate students and teach them important life skills. Most importantly, they give you flexibility to help your students see their value, when grades and other antiquated methods just aren’t cutting it. The first step of implementing an incentive structure isn’t giving out coins or currency. It’s exposing students to the potential rewards. Without those carrots, you won’t see much change. You don’t need a PS5, XBOX Series X, or Apple iPhone 13 to get these kids excited. It’s simpler than that. We asked our teachers and gathered a list of the top incentives they’ve been using that really work. 

1. Chili Pepper & Lime Takis

Who knew they’d invent a new snack food when we weren’t looking. It’s a student favorite. 

2. Arduino Board

Give a future coder a little kickstart with an Arduino board. 

3. M&M’s

The data doesn’t lie; these are the most popular candy in the U.S. 

4. Emoji Stickers

Simple, easy stickers that reflect your text history, and are a fun way to share your feelings with friends. 

5. Fidget Popper

Fun fidgets can actually help some students focus in class. Win, win! 

6. G-Fuel Pack

A nutritional drink for the gamers in your class. 

7. Spirit Wear

Let your students show some extra school pride. 

8. Decorate a Ceiling Tile

Increasingly popular with kids. It’s like sanctioned vandalism; does it get any better than that? 

9. Pro Colored Pencils

For the budding artist, a simple but important set for practice. 

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