Teacher Gadget Must-Haves

Got a birthday coming up? Maybe working on an early Christmas wishlist? These are some gadgets that our teachers love to use in their classrooms!

We asked teachers for some of their favorite gadgets to use in the profession and here is what they said … From high-tech options such as virtual-reality (VR) headsets to simple ones like laminators, these classroom products are sure to be worthwhile investments to help with everything from teacher mobility to creating memorable experiences.

1. Doc Cam

A document camera, which allows teachers to show their book, notes, or handwritten activity to students with ease, is definitely a must-have. Whether online or in-person, the addition of a document camera will make lessons easier to follow along with. Look for one that’s relatively low cost and good quality, like the Aver U50. (Amazon, $148.00)

2. VR Headset

A VR headset can give students highly memorable experiences within the classroom. Explore places being discussed in class in a new way by taking field trips virtually. (Oculus, $299)

3. Laminator

Having a small classroom laminator can go a long way in laminating materials for activities, signs, and more without having to wait for the shared one in the teacher workroom. There are a plethora of options in every price range. One of the best and most affordable is the Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator. (Amazon, $55.99)

4. iPhone / iPad Projector

This mini projector can display course content directly from a phone, tablet, or computer. It even has built-in speakers, making presenting a breeze! (Amazon, $89.99)

5. Headphone Splitter

This 5-Jack Multi Headphone Audio Splitter allows multiple students to plug their headphones into one device for listening centers. (Amazon, $6.99)

6. Smart Speaker

A smart speaker, like the Echo Dot, can be a positive addition to any classroom. From playing music while students work to answering students’ spelling questions to managing calendar updates and timers for activities, Alexa can do it all. (Amazon, $44.99)

7. Tablet

For teachers who grade on a learning management system or want to use apps in the classroom, a tablet can be a very worthwhile addition to the classroom. (Apple, $329)

8. Mini Wireless Keyboard

Teachers who are projecting a computer onto their projector or smartboard will appreciate this mini wireless keyboard, designed to enhance mobility. (Amazon, $15.99)

9. Wireless Presenter

A wireless presenter allows teachers to be more mobile during direct instruction. Control slides at ease, while engaging with students in the lesson. Installation is easy and does not require software; simply plug the receiver into the USB port and it’s ready to go. (Amazon, $23.99)

10. IntelliScanner

The IntelliScanner is perfect for any classroom with a library. It makes your classroom collection easy to track, search, and share. Simply scan the barcode and IntelliScanner fills in the details. (Intelliscanner, $79)

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