Tasha Schauvliege

Operations Specialist

Tasha, a Kansas native, uses her expertise to analyze and enhance applications and software systems at Empowered. With a talent for uncovering opportunities for improvement, seamless integration, and optimal performance, she is the driving force behind smooth operations at Empowered. To her, transforming education represents a mission to challenge our traditional education systems by tailoring each student’s learning journey to their unique needs.

With a background in corrections and law enforcement, Tasha offers a unique perspective on how Empowered’s mission succeeds at guiding students toward pathways of success and limitless possibilities. Her essential role in making this a reality for students fuels her passion – a key ingredient to achieving her own personal happiness and fulfillment. Outside of work, you’ll find Tasha travelling, spending time with her cowboy husband and young son, and trying new recipes on their smoker.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organized problem solver
  • Optimization
  • Condensing clunky emails to their core “so what” value
  • Follow-up and follow-through
  • “Golden Girls” trivia master
  • All things “Real Housewives”


  • Favorite movie: “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”
  • Fast food of choice: Chipotle
  • Planning family activities (road-tripping, camping)
  • Cooking
  • Making charcuterie boards
  • Making to-do lists