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markets + principles = mindset

Using currency for engaging classroom experiences.

When done right, classroom incentives have a unique ability to bring every learner to the table. Giving real-time feedback, incentive structures foster princinpled behaviors, recognizes non-aptitude success, and mirror an important real-world system.

What they’re saying

Empowered’s classroom currency and auctions are amazing! They are very engaging for the kids and me! It leads to learning and helps with classroom management.


Download the incentive guide.

Our simple Currency and Auctions guide makes bringing an incentive system into your class a breeze. With easy-to-implement guidelines, you’ll be doling out cash in exchange for principled behaviors in no time flat.


Print the class currency.

Did we say “doling out the cash”? We aren’t about to make you come up with your own currency. Our beautiful Empowered cash is easy to download, print, and cut out. If you love it like we do, you can get some pro printed cash from us for free.

Step 3. observe & react

Hold auctions, have fun.

Cash feels pretty good in hand, but only insofar as it represents real buying power. Use our Auction Form here to host regular auctions and give students the opportunity to trade the currency they’ve earned for things they want

As Keanu famously said, “Whoa.”
You just laid the foundation for your kids to build a growth mindset. Wild.


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Currency is a powerful classroom tool, but it’s just one piece of a larger puzzle. Want to truly transform the experience? Dive in to learn the whole she-bang and meet a ton of great people, too.