The Top Teacher Podcasts

7 podcasts that teachers like you are listening to.

The annals of podcasting are stocked with content-producers ranging from the untouchable brilliance of NPR to “Buffy Buff’s Weekly Dive,” a three-hour analysis of an episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and a scary trip into the psyche of a man with an ever looser grip on reality. 

Thankfully, there are also podcasts directed specifically to teachers and the craft of education — and this genre has grown tremendously in just a few short years.  They’re not just rich in education, they’re also cathartic in a way you won’t believe until you jump in. Here are 10 to try.

1. Cult of PedagogyJennifer Gonzalez

Maybe the most popular and well-reviewed podcast in education, Jennifer Gonzalez’s “Cult of Pedagogy” has lived up to its name … it’s started a cult following. Every big name in the industry, from Sal Khan (Khan Academy) to Pedro Nuguera to Wendy Turner, has been interviewed, and the show has only gotten more interesting with time.

2. Crying in My CarDevin Siebold

The name maybe says it all. But, if it doesn’t, the name of one weekly segment says a lot: “Teachers in the News Not Touching Kids.” A weekly breath of fresh air to help teachers get through class without pulling their hair out. 

3. #NerdyCastNicholas Provenzano

An education podcast featuring some of the smartest and funniest people in our school landscape. Talking education, technology, and pop culture, every week brings some new laughs and some deep thoughts to drive the classroom forward.

4. EdSurge WeeklyJeff Young

Known as the best brand in ed tech, “EdSurge” offers a fount of information on the software, hardware, and technology that propels most modern learning experiences. These hosts keep things digestible and always applied directly to education.

5. Water for TeachersShamari K. Reid

Teachers, teaching, books, and more, the Heinemann podcast features a little of everything. Here’s how they describe it: “Focused on engagement with the hearts and humanity of those who teach. One thing we know for sure is: teachers are human. We have fears. We experience tragedy. We struggle. We are affected by crises and pandemic.“

6. Reimagine SchoolsGreg Goins

Hosted by Greg Goins, this podcast features many of the nation’s top educators, authors, and innovators in K-12 education, with an emphasis on leadership development, scaling innovation, and transforming our public school system. 

7. The Creative ClassroomJohn Spencer

Often leaning into big-think ideas like project-based learning, growth mindset, and student transformation, “The Creative Classroom” is chock full of research, tips, and practical ideas that can be applied to — or at least inspire — your teaching and your classroom environment.

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