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Change-making teachers aren’t made on in-service days, they are made from days in service of students. Through Empowered, you’ll have tools, training, and support on your quest to build a truly experiential classroom.

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1 Whole Teacher.

Teachers never get a holistic experience. Training often forgets classroom support; materials fall short on methods. Empowered offers a teacher-centric approach here, so you can offer a student-centric approach in the classroom and find what you need when you need it.

A Trusted

Build your Empowered community and develop friendships to strengthen and encourage you in your career.


Bring those great new skills to life using our free activities and teacher-curated resources in your classroom to drive greater student engagement.


Get inspired by stories of Empowered teachers, fun DIY activities, and meaningful advice about the life of a teacher.

Defining a Growth Mindset

Mindset is the most important factor in a person’s ability to contribute value, believe in themselves, and live a life of meaning and purpose. Our unique approach to mindset helps move from “I’m not. I can’t.” to “I am. I can.”

The X-Axis

Growth Mindset

Do you believe that our abilities have an immovable ceiling? That we can’t get more intelligent? That’s called a “fixed mindset” and it leads people to give up, give in, and stop trying.

When you have a “growth mindset,” you believe that you can improve in every way. It’s crucial to resilience, grit, and stick-to-it spirit.

The y-Axis

Locus of Control

Do you feel that you have no ability to impact outcomes in your life?  That’s called the “external locus of control” and it leads to learned helplessness.

When you have an “internal locus of control,” you believe that your actions lead directly to real-world outcomes. It’s important for independence and positive mental health.

The Graph

The Four Quadrants

Plot out both of these dimensions (mindset and locus on control) on a graph and you see four quadrants. Each quadrant represents a different mindset. One quadrant, the Empowered Mindset, will lead to fulfillment and success in the real world.

Fixed - External

I’m not. I can’t.

“This class is completely unfair - I'm not a science-whiz who can just learn new things super easy.”
Fixed - INternal

I’m not. I can.

“I’m trying my hardest, but there’s not much hope for me; I'm just not naturally smart at these things.”
Growth - External

I am. I can’t.

“I’ve been working my butt off, but it feels like the teacher is out to get me on these assignments.”
Growth - Internal

I am. I can.

“I’m not quite there yet, but, with a little more work and some help from the teacher, I can get it!”
Principles + Markets = Mindset

Unlocking Mindset
in the Classroom

Now that you know what we offer and what we’re hoping that offering can do for you and your students, here’s how it actually comes to life in the classroom. You’ll learn these three strategies and transform your classroom into an experience.



Use timeless ethics as a backbone for learning new skills and ideas.

Eight simple principles can help you and your students connect with your value, build healthy personal and professional relationships, and develop a mindset that leads to success.  

rewarding value


Use a classroom currency as a reward when kids create value. Hold regular auctions to motivate students and bring the market to life in your classroom. These diverse incentives are individualized to fit your unique kids, bringing everyone to the table in a way that grades can't.

Go for Growth


Embrace the challenges that come with change. Cultivating a growth mindset helps students navigate the terrain of their personal and professional lives in the years ahead with confidence.