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I wish my students believed more in their abilities.

markets + principles = mindset

Using activities to
change obstacles into opportunity.

You hear so much about the Growth Mindset in education literature today, but so little about how to actually bring it to life. Using principles and real-world experiences, you’ll see your students mindsets transform as they see their own value grow.

What they’re saying

“There are life changing lessons throughout the Empowered curriculum. I love how Empowered builds the growth mindset in students.”


Download the activity guide.

Today you’ll be doing an activity called “Vacant Lot.” Here, students find an empty lot or building in their own town and come together in groups to imagine a renewed future for the space. It’s engaging, fun, and it drives meaning in your class.


Solve real-world problems.

Vacant Lot gives students the opportunity to use their specific skills and talents to solve a problem that exists in the real world. Watch as students find fulfillment in using their strengths to solve a real issue in their own community.


Learn about passion.

Look for and reward “Passion” when you see it on display in this activity. Our pricniple of “Passion” is all about helping students to see how the most fulfillment they’ll find in life comes when we bring value back to our community and peers.

Hey, big ups to you!
Bringing passion to the classroom isn’t easy, but you made it look that way.


I’m ready to
go further.

Currency is a powerful classroom tool, but it’s just one piece of a larger puzzle. Want to truly transform the experience? Dive in to learn the whole she-bang and meet a ton of great people, too.